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Foggy Lake

Discover the Power of Emotion Code


A simple and Transformative method that can help you find Freedom and Harmony from Generational Trauma.

About Me
Getting to know your practitioner

I am an intuitive emotional healer determined to help others break generational trauma with the Emotion Code. When we begin to heal from the past, it can create more harmony within our bodies causing less stress and worry.  More and more people are discovering the mind/body connection, and the Emotion Code is a great avenue for beginning to heal from the past. 


I have been through moments in time where I felt complete despair and struggled with love and relationships.  By working on myself, I noticed major changes in my mood, behavior and relationships.


I work with all ages, but especially enjoy working with women who are struggling with relationships. By working through their past trauma, many of my clients have found love again. 

I believe in an all-around approach to health with mental, physical an spiritual wellbeing. 

Currently partnering with Intentional Health KC, which specializes in functional medicine. Visit Intentional Health - Wellness, Nutrition & Health, Healthy Living ( to learn more!

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